Is Your Business Missing Out Due to Tech Challenges?

Is Your Business Missing Out Due to Tech

Technology has advanced in great lengths compared to years ago, and when used effectively, it can substantially enhance business operations. By integrating the latest technological solutions, businesses can drive growth and competitiveness in the market.

However, if not used effectively, it can also slow down operations and not going to deliver the expected benefits, resulting in a waste of technology investment. Proper usage is necessary to fully make the most of modern technology. The two things to focus on are employee training and change management. Making sure your employees can use their technology properly can prevent financial losses.

Lack of Technology Training

Picture this: You’ve invested in a state-of-the-art CRM system, expecting your sales team to thrive with its help. However, you’re witnessing them struggle rather than excel. They face challenges finding key features, encounter difficulties with data entry, and miss important deadlines. Why is this happening? Simply put, they haven’t received adequate training on the new software. Sadly, this scenario is all too common in businesses and comes with significant costs.

Lost Productivity- When employees struggle with unfamiliar technology, it eats into valuable work time. Consider the missed sales opportunities if your team can’t efficiently process orders or generate essential reports due to insufficient training on the new CRM.

Costly Errors- Confusion and frustration lead to mistakes. Incorrect data entered into the new system takes both time and money to rectify. This not only affects budgets but also has the potential to harm client relationships.

Failing to Manage the Change

New technology brings changes to workflows. However, without proper change management, employees may feel overwhelmed or uncertain. Change management focuses on addressing the “human” side of change, aiming to help employees understand the reasons behind the changes while providing training, support, and other forms of engagement. The goal is to ensure a successful transition for everyone involved. New technology disrupts workflows. Without proper change management, employees feel overwhelmed and insecure.

When companies neglect change management, the following can happen:

Low Morale- Change can bring about stress. Employees may feel disoriented and unappreciated, particularly when there’s a lack of clear communication and support during the transition. This situation can contribute to decreased morale and foster a negative work environment.

Shadow IT- Employees may feel the new system isn’t meeting their needs. This can cause them to resort to using unauthorized tools (shadow IT). This creates security risks and undermines the investment in the new technology.

Building a Bridge to Success

The key to unlocking the true value of new technology? It lies in effective training and change management. Here’s how to avoid the negative costs and get the full benefits from your tech.

Invest in Comprehensive Training- Don’t treat training as an afterthought. Yes, some tools say they’re easy to use, but people have different tech literacy levels. Some may pick up things quickly, but many don’t. There’s no replacement for targeted training on a business application.

Develop a tailored training program that goes beyond basic features. Include video tutorials, hands-on workshops, and ongoing support resources. This helps everyone feel comfortable using the new tools.

Focus on User Adoption, Not Just Features- Training shouldn’t just explain how the software works. It should focus on how the new system will benefit employees in their daily tasks as well as improve workflow efficiency. If employees don’t adopt the tech well, you don’t see its full benefits.

Embrace Change Management- Communicate the “why” behind the change. Explain how the new technology will make everyone’s jobs easier as well as ultimately benefit the company as a whole. Encourage open communication and address concerns throughout the transition.

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