Cyberattack on Shields Health Care  Affected over 2 Million People

Cyberattack on Shields Health Care Affected More Than 2 Million People

Over 2 million people were affected by a security breach at Shields Health Care Group, a medical provider in Massachusetts. Read Shields’ official announcement.  

About Shields Healthcare Group

Shields Healthcare Group provides MRI, PET/CT, and ambulatory surgery services to patients at 30+ locations in New England. Some of their facility partners/entities include Shields Imaging at Anna Jaques Hospital, LLC, Shields Healthcare of Cambridge, Inc., Shields Imaging at University Hospital, LLC, Shields Imaging at York Hospital, LLC, Shields Imaging Management at Emerson Hospital, LLC (a business associate to Emerson Hospital), Shields Imaging of Eastern Mass, LLC,  Shields Imaging of Lowell General Hospital, LLC, Shields Imaging of Portsmouth, LLC, Shields Imaging with Central Maine Health, LLC (a business associate to Central Maine Medical Center).

Overview of Shields Healthcare Security Breach

A threat actor gained access to the Shields network between March 7 and March 21 this year. The hacker successfully stole some sensitive patient data from their system. Among the information that may have been compromised were patients’ names, Social Security numbers, provider information, diagnoses, billing information, medical record numbers, patient IDs, dates of birth, addresses, and treatment information.

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