Reasons Why Non-Profits Should Outsource Their IT Support

non-profits should outsource their IT support

Non-profit organizations provide a venue for people to come together and pool resources for common goals that benefit the organization.

Nonprofits must carefully examine their numbers to improve program efficiency and meet various funding requirements.

One aspect that you need to look at is your IT infrastructure. Do you hire in-house staff to support your IT platform or outsource?

Let’s look at how outsourcing your IT support can positively impact your non-profit organization. 


Budgeting plays a vital role in running a nonprofit. Budgets are one way your donors can be assured that non-profits are actively managing their expenses.

Did you examine the long-term cost of keeping a full-time in-house IT staff as well as the quality of service you receive vs outsourcing your IT? By outsourcing your IT support to a Managed Service Provider, you will be able to budget costs while receiving high-quality support.

According to Payscale, in-house IT professionals earn 44k to 110k on average annually, depending on their level of experience and knowledge, and that’s for just one person. On the other hand, outsourcing your IT to a Managed Service Provider will save you on costs and give you access to a full-time staff of IT professionals such as Help Desk, VCIO, and System Engineer.


All it takes is a single data breach to cripple your nonprofit organization, ruin its reputation, and undo the vital work that you have accomplished. Your donor, partner, and internal financial data as well as your private communications and digital credentials are high-value commodities on the dark web, the internet’s black market.

Because cybercriminals understand that many NPOs often work with limited IT resources and tight budgets that don’t allow for heavy cybersecurity spending, you are one of their favorite targets.

A reputable Managed Service Provider continuously training their staff on how to deal with and combat security breaches and the latest ransomware. In addition to keeping your technology efficient and secure, an MSP can increase your capabilities with targeted IT solutions that help you acquire new donors and improve experiences for existing ones.

Quick Recovery After a Disaster

Disasters can take many forms, from natural disasters such as earthquakes and tornadoes, to cybersecurity breaches and employees deleting vital information. MSP’s services usually include recovery planning solutions to ensure that your data is protected and that you can get back up and running in a matter quickly after suffering a catastrophic event.


With a managed IT Service Provider, you get to control the amount of support and budget your company needs. Partnering with an MSP will give you the professional expertise you need at a lower cost than hiring in-house IT personnel. In addition, you get the flexibility to scale your expenses to your organization’s size as it changes over time.

Velonex Technologies has been working with Non-Profit Organizations of all shapes and sizes for decades, and we know how to help them maintain multilayered, enterprise-grade cybersecurity tools for an affordable price. But our benefits don’t stop there, as our Managed Services enable NPOs like yours to extract maximum value out of whatever technology you are utilizing without the need for high investments. In addition to keeping your technology efficient and secure, we can increase your capabilities with targeted IT solutions that help you acquire new donors and improve experiences for existing ones.