Endpoint Security Protection

If a device is connected to your network, it is considered an endpoint, and if it is connected to a network, it can be reached and accessed (if unprotected). Your employees may use multiple endpoints, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones, creating a potential threat to your business since sensitive data can be stored or displayed on these devices, as well as the risk of lost devices.

Our endpoint security solutions will help you manage these risks, along with our internal protocol strategies.


Here are the key features of our endpoint solution service:

    • Track down lost or stolen devices and the ability recover them
    • Give your mission-critical applications the ability to heal and reinstall themselves after attempts to disable, remove, or reconfigure them.
    • Set policies to scan your Windows and Mac devices for sensitive data at risk, on or off your network, then estimate the cost of the exposure.
    • Gives you the power to detect, understand, and remediate vulnerabilities across 100% of your endpoints on-demand, even if your endpoints are off the corporate network.

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