School District Paid Over Half Million Dollars to Hackers Due to Ransomware

A ransomware attack cost Judson Independent School District, a public school district based in Live Oak, Texas, over half a million dollars. The district issued a statement on August 4th that they decided to pay the $547,045.61 ransom fee to prevent sensitive and identifiable information from being published.

It was first confirmed on June 17th that a ransomware attack affected all the network, computer applications, servers, communication, and email systems for the district. The staff was not able to use their computers and communication system during that time. Between students and staff, the attack impacted around 26,000 people.

Schools are designed to provide a safe learning space for our children, and that is why crimes against schools are considered one of the most alarming problems in society. Schools are a top target for hackers and there are plenty of ways hackers can infiltrate the school network system. During the pandemic, students and teachers who are conducting schools remotely are especially vulnerable.

A lot of students cannot afford to purchase their own devices and the school supplies them. These devices require security measures set up before they should be sent home to students and staff to avoid security breaches. In the case of Judson Independent School District, the students and staff were asked to bring back school devices they use at home to have additional security software installed. This was done after the incident happened.

Preventative measures are very important to mitigate security risks and prevent incidents such as this. By being proactive, industries are focused on preventing instead of fixing the issue as they come.

Schools are a top target for hackers and there are plenty of ways hackers can infiltrate the school network system.

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