JBS Foods Suspended Meat Production Due to Cyberattack

Solving IT Challenges in Non Profit Sectors and How

JBS Foods, one of the leading meat producers in the world was targeted by an organized cyberattack. The incident which affected servers supporting its’ North American and Australian network, caused interruptions on meat production. Analysts stated that the meatpackers slaughtered 22% fewer cattle and 20% fewer hogs from the week before. This event may lead to meat scarcity and soaring meat prices, which could greatly affect consumers.

These cyberattacks on critical infrastructures are becoming bolder and dangerously frequent. It was just a few weeks ago when one of the nation’s biggest fuel pipeline operators had to shut down its entire network due to ransomware and had to pay $5 Million.

It proves that hackers are becoming more sophisticated and are conjuring up advanced ways to acquire personal data. It is also apparent that a lot of companies are not prepared enough to handle and prevent security breaches. Companies must do everything they can to be proactive and protect their digital infrastructure. By staying ahead of the game, you can minimize the impact of costly security breaches. Conducting regular employee training alone reduces security-related risks by 45 to 70 percent.

We can help you mitigate these cybersecurity risks. We offer cybersecurity services such as:

Cybersecurity Assessment– Evaluating your network to determine vulnerabilities and provide a report and recommendations to improve your cybersecurity posture.

Regular Staff Security Training– It is known that employees are the gateway for phishing attacks. Conducting regular training will help your staff identify these threats and the best way to handle them.

Device Monitoring– We will monitor and manage your digital assets from endpoint, cloud, and firewall using state-of-the-art tools to make sure any future IT catastrophes are detected ahead of time.

Incident Response – Enable organizations to swiftly detect and stop attacks, curtail damages, and preventing future attacks.

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