Effective Tools to Use When Working from Home

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We compiled a list of helpful tools to use when working from home that can increase staff productivity. A lot of companies have embraced remote work policies due to the pandemic. Now that things are starting to get better, many companies have decided to continue with the policy. In a PWC survey that was conducted in December, 78% of CEOs agree that remote collaboration is here to stay for the long-term. It may have been challenging at first, many have now realized the benefits of telecommuting. With that in mind, businesses want to ensure that staff can do their job efficiently. It is important to have the proper tools to utilize so staff can perform their duties effectively.

We want to share with you some helpful tools, resources, and solutions to be as productive, creative, and secure as possible while working remotely.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)- One of the challenges of working remotely is keeping sensitive information safe from cybercriminals. That is when VPN can help. A VPN is a secured connection over the Internet from a device to a network. The connection is encrypted to help transmit data securely. A VPN gives a person online security by creating a private network from a public internet connection, which makes it difficult for hackers to get in.

Collaboration Tools-With the lack of face-to-face contact, communication is even more important. When there is a lack of communication, productivity and engagement suffer. You need a platform that allows communication, project collaboration, file sharing, and video conference. Microsoft Teams make this possible. Teams is a chat platform that includes many other features such as document sharing, holding online meetings, face-to-face conversation on video, screen sharing for training purposes, and many more useful features for business communications.

Soft Phones- With Implementing the softphone system, employees can make calls without the use of a physical desk phone and still able to use the office phone number. Staff can dial out your company’s phone number and still be recognizable by your clients. Softphones can be installed as an application on an iPhone and Android or it can be accessed in any computer browser or as an added extension to Google Chrome. Soft Phones allow staff to take their office extension with them wherever they may be. 

Choosing the right remote working tools is important to maintain efficiency, productivity, and team engagement. It is pertinent that your company chooses the right fit for your organization’s budget and infrastructure needs. Talk to one of our experts today so we can help assess and configure the perfect remote working setup for your company.