Password Manager Benefits

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Have you heard of a password manager? A password manager is the best tool to keep track of multiple credentials on different accounts securely. Password managers automatically generate complex, hard to decipher passwords and auto-fill them for you when you visit websites, so you do not need to remember them. You can use them when you are on a computer browser or on a mobile app for your phone. Here is the list of benefits of using a password manager:

There is only one password you need to remember

It stores all of your passwords in a single account. The only password you need to remember is that the one you use for your password manager account.

Generate complex, hard to decipher passwords

It can generate complicated and random passwords for you. Password cracking software is designed to guess commonly used passwords. Complex and random passwords are more difficult to guess than those people come up with.

Use the convenience of auto-fill

Save time from typing and remembering long passwords by enabling auto-fill.

Keep your credentials secure

A password manager stores your passwords in a secure vault, which can only be unlocked using a master password. Add a layer of multi-factor authentication to help keep everything extra secure.

Keep your personal information and accounts safe by switching to a password manager today! Contact Us and we can help you set it up!