Adult Sites Can Put You at Risk From a Cyber Attack

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With the current pandemic, where a lot of people are working from home, staff have more freedom to do what they want especially when the boss is not watching. One of those behaviors are browsing inappropriate websites such as Porn.

Visiting porn sites are perfect bait for hackers. “I mean, adult sites have always been in the top three categories of websites hosting malicious content,” said Tyler Moffitt, senior threat research analyst at Webroot, an endpoint protection and disaster recovery company. “So, yeah, I would say that is a reasonable assumption — that we’re going to see an increase, due to porn at home. You know, these cyber criminals are seizing on this opportunity during a difficult time of pandemic.”

The website, Pornhub reports an increase in traffic during the pandemic.  Pornography websites and apps are targeted by hackers as a way to victimize users. Companies should be aware of this, because if a user is hacked on a work computer or from a personal device that contain company data, the entire organization is at risk.

Its not just the regular porn sites that are being targeted, but these criminals are creating fraudulent websites in order to lure users. These fake websites intent is to infect devices with malware or steal payment information.

The bottom line is that if any of your staff is engaging in inappropriate online activities, like pornography, the bigger your chance of a data breach.  It is important for companies to educate their employees about the risks of visiting pornographic sites, and the risk of infection such as malware. This training can be integrated into the companies’ general security awareness program. Another important thing companies need to do is to invest on IT services that is able to monitor employee cyber activities even if they are working from home.