Detecting Phishing Emails

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Here Are Some Tips on Detecting Phishing Emails

Phishing emails, social engineered, and ransomware attacks are items we think about when someone mentions Cyber Security. 

A phishing email scam is when cyber-criminals pretends to be a trusted person or company in order to get the email recipient to provide sensitive information or infiltrate their computer network. They adapt to the latest trends and find new ways and tactics to avoid getting caught. 

There are many varieties of phishing scams that you and your employees are susceptible to. For instance, administrative assistants receiving fraudulent email requests from their CEOs asking them to purchase high dollar amount gift cards with the intention of stealing the gift card numbers. Another example, are email alerts sent to staff claiming to be from the IT administrator or other vendor, instructing users to click on a hyperlink that contains malware.  

These are just two examples of phishing scams that your employeemay be exposed to. 

As a company, one of your best defenses is to invest in cybersecurity awareness training for your staff. An extensive security awareness training program defines clear cybersecurity knowledge for all the staff and educates them on how to recognize attacks, help prevent incidents, and better respond to potential threats. 

Here are some benefits of investing in cybersecurity training for your staff: 

  • Avoid Potential Financial Loss– Statistics show financial losses that stem from email phishing campaigns cost companiesbetween $25,000 to multi-million dollars.   
  • Avoid Reputable Damage– Gaining clients’ trust back is very hard to obtain after a significant cyber-security incident. Especially if clients’ data are involved in the attack and if it’s been publicized.   
  • Avoid Business Disruptions– Data shows it takes at least 100 days just to detect a data breach and at the minimum 6 months for companies to recover from the breach. Some businesses suffer great financial losses where they don’t recover at all.   

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