Why Backing-Up your Data is Important to your Business

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Companies (and individuals) who don’t back-up their data regularly put their business at risk. Imagine being called early in the morning just to be told that your entire network is locked up in a ransomware attack and you must pay a hefty ransom because you kept thinking that it would never happen to you, or if one of your employees deletes an important file (whether maliciously or not) or in the worst of cases, hardware failure. How long can your company stay on top of tasks in today’s world when you need to revert to pen and paper? How long can you have your users without their files to work on? A day? 5-7 business days? Can you afford to start from scratch? 

Let’s say you do back up your data, when was the last time you checked that you could recover your data?! It is important to safeguard the security of your business and its assets.  

There are plenty of ways that you can back-up your business data, be it on-prem or cloud-based (where ideally you are looking for a combination of both) the crucial part is that your data is stored in a place where it is secure, and hackers are not able to get into, and readily available in case of a need to restore any lost data.  

Backups can be broken down into two parts, Personal Backup, and Network backup. Personal Backup is all your desktop/documents/downloads files usually located on your computer, whereas Network backup refers to your network servers and shared company files. 

There are many reasons why Back-Up is Important to your businessHere are some of the reasons why network backup solution is essential to your business: 

  • Reduces losing important data– Water Damage, dropping your Laptop and infection are a few reasons why backups are essential for any business, as devices can be easily replaced while the data is safely backed up and secure. 
  • The convenience of having everything in one secure location  Instead of running around trying to find what external hard drive contains what information, with Simplicit centralized backup solutions you can easily access all historical data from one location, wherever you are in the world. Secured by 2 Factor Authentication. 
  • Automation Automated Backup, failure notification, completion rate are all things that should be done in the back end with no user intervention. 

Simplicit uses the best tools on the market to make sure you’ve backed up wherever you are.