Cybersecurity Training

Solving IT Challenges in Non Profit Sectors and How

Cyber Security, such a loaded phrase nowadays that it may mean something different to many day to day usersPhishing, social engineered and ransomware attacks are items we think about when someone mentions Cyber Security, but what if your employee’s laptop gets stolen when their car gets broken into? How will you guarantee that the sensitive data on it won’t be accessed? What will you do when you find out that data was accessed on your employee’s computer because they forgot to lock their desktop when going to a break? 

Cyber Security encompasses all aspects of safeguarding your company from people trying to get to your data, from Antivirus, Encryption2 Factor Authentication enforcement, Phishing Campaigns to find weak links in your end users who may be susceptible to phishing all the way to Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. 

 With the rapid increase of Cyber Security threat (112% increase between 2018 and 2019 – with 7.9Billion records exposed (report by RiskBased Security), and with the increase in remote work due to COVID these attacks are just going to increase, the International Data Corporation predicts that worldwide spending on cyber-security solutions will reach a massive $133.7 billion by 2022. 

 In order to protect you from all fronts, here are steps that must be taken in order to prevent being “that company”: 

 Network Security is how you protect all your workstations, printers, access points, firewalls and switches from unwanted access by implementing strong password policies, MDM solutions to manage all devices in one centralized location for quick policy deployment, making sure all devices have up to date Antivirus software, and more. 

End-user education by far the most unpredictable Cyber Security factor! People can accidentally fall prey to phishing attacks and introduce infections to otherwise secure networks. By teaching users to identify threats and how best to handle is vital for any organization.  

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