Firewalls Required for Network Security

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A firewall is designed to monitor and block incoming and outgoing data to a network and blocks suspicious traffic as defined by security rules. If your business doesn’t have a good firewall in place, you are placing your data at serious risk.  

Your network is susceptible to cyber-criminals hacking your network. A firewall is a protective barrier between your data and the outside world. Neglecting to use a firewall is comparable to an unlocked home vulnerable to thieves.  

Here are some reasons why investing in a firewall is important for your network security: 

  • Prevents Cyber Attacks: Firewalls detect and blocks potential attacks coming from the outside world trying to enter your network. 
  • Increases Employee Productivity: Firewalls block inappropriate and unnecessary websites that are not business-related. Employees can focus more on their work and avoid unnecessary web browsing distractions 
  • Allows Network Monitoring: It allows you to monitor and control network activity and warns if suspicious activity occurs. 
  • Virtual Private NetworkAllows secure, private access to your company’s network to devices connected to the Internet with VPN software. 
  • Logs Network Traffic: Even if a breach does happen with a firewall, how do you know? Firewalls provide detailed forensics data that can assist in tracing security incidents or larger network issues.