Honda Halts Production Due to Cyber Attack

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Honda Halts Production Due to Cyber Attack

Honda was recently targeted by a sophisticated cyberattack that closed down production at its factories. The company received the ransomware file on June 8, and disrupted production at least on 9 of its factories in the US alone. The attack caused damage to its internal system and internal emails. “The malware was made to encrypt files and demand a ransom only in Honda’s internal environment” according to Takashi Yoshikawa of Mitsui Bussan Secure Directions, a unit of trading house Mitsui &Co. “The malware was made to encrypt files and demand a ransom only in Honda’s internal environment,” Yoshikawa said after analyzing the software, suspected to be Snake.

The attack affected servers to distribute infected data on a wide range of terminals. Definite settings were designed so that the ransom note would be visible only to IT managers. The note stated that said system files could be restored only through purchasing a tool for an undisclosed amount.

The malware identified as Snake/EKAN that have been used on Honda also attacked Germany-based hospital operator Fresenius earlier this year, affecting its hospitals, medical device manufacturing, and compromised Patient data as well.

Ransomware is a powerful enemy, Ransomware such as SNAKE/EKAN can bring a giant company like Honda down. Without a comprehensive security protection strategy, organizations are at a higher risk of attack by cyber criminals looking to steal data or disrupt operations.


Here are some tips to prepare your organization for such attacks:

  • User behavior awareness and training are important to prevent victimization to phishing attacks – Training and awareness help your staff spot potential malicious emails and keeps them vigilant to threats like phishing attempts.
  • Implement multifactor authentication to protect against cybercriminals– 14% of incidents involve credential theft. Multifactor authentication protects against costly damages by lost or stolen passwords.
  • Look for expert advice on assessing your current and improving your digital risk protection strategy- Through Cybersecurity assessment, you will be able to learn the current threats that could impact your network and learn ways to mitigate those risks.