Are your User’s Credentials Being Sold on the Dark Web? 

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Are your User’s Credentials Being Sold on the Dark Web? 


The Dark Web refers to a portion of the internet that is intentionally hidden from search engines. On the Dark Web, people operate anonymously. This allows hackers to hold a wealth of people’s credentials and perform illegal activities. Cyber criminals purchase stolen data in order to steal identity, commit fraud, and steal financials.  

 Many businesses and organization are not aware that theirs and their employee’s credentials are available on the Dark Web. One way to find out is signing up for a Dark Web Scan. These allows organizations check if their email addresses, financial accounts, and personal information are exposed on the Dark Web. 

 Dark Web scanning is a very important tool because it helps both small and large businesses perform an early detection whether their credentials are being circulated.  Although Dark Web scanning is sure way to find out whether your sensitive information is compromised, there are also some steps you can do to protect yourself and your company. 

Here are some helpful steps:  


Implement Stronger Password Protection-This is a very important security measure to avoid hackers from accessing data on email accounts and other sensitive information.  Type of password controls are: 

  • Sign up and enable 2 Factor Authorization (2FA) on all of your accounts that requires log-in. 
  • Creating long passwords with a mix of upper and lower-case letters, number, and symbols that does not contain any personal information.  
  • Change your passwords every 90 days. 
  • Do not share your credentials with anybody. 


Invest on a Firewall- A firewall is designed to monitor and block incoming and outgoing data to a network and blocks suspicious traffic as defined by security rules.  

 Data Encryption- Data encryption turns data into a code and only people intended to receive that data can access it by using a password or a key file. Examples of files that encryption is vital are emails that contain sensitive information, file folders, or the entire hard drive.  

If you are worried or just curious whether your information is on the Dark Web, we can help! Simplicit Technologies offers a free initial scan! Contact us at 800-245-5210.