Why Softphones are Critical in Today’s Work Environment

Why Softphones are Critical in Today’s Work Environment

The world has changed in so many ways, and employees now choose to or in some cases are required to work remotely.

It is important for employers to equip their staff the right tools that empowers them to be more productive and efficiently while working remotely. One of these tools are the use of softphones. With Implementing the soft phone system, employers can enable their employees to make calls without the use of a physical desk phone, but still able to use the office phone number. Staff can dial out as your company’s phone number and still be recognizable by your clients.

Soft phones can be installed as an application on iPhone, Android, it can be accessed to any computer using a browser or as an added extension to Google Chrome. It allows staff to take their office extension with them wherever they may be. Soft phones are more efficient than desk phones because it is combined with collaborative features that enhances productivity. There are multiple collaboration features such as audio conferencing, chat, and the ability to change your status if you are away and plenty more.

Here are some of the benefits of switching your unified communications platform to using softphone:


 With soft phones, you have the ability to provision extensions on demand without waiting for a purchase or delivery time of physical desk phones. Employees have the ability to work from anywhere. Employees can truly take their office phone with them everywhere they go. It will enable employees to answer calls to their office phone with the use of their smartphone device or laptop. It also allows employees to transfer calls to their colleagues without asking callers to call back to another number


With soft phones, employers can save a lot of money by eliminating the need of physical phones. With soft phones, you have the ability to provision extensions with on demand without waiting for a purchase or delivery time of a physical desk phones.  It also means employers don’t have to invest in new hardware every time they hire a new employee. Employees can just set up the soft phone on their laptop or download the application on their smart phone.


Reporting Capabilities, Audio Conferences and Software Integration

Employers can monitor their employees real time status and run reports. Employers can see are who is on a call, or run a report on dropped calls, and plenty more.  Soft phones also gives employers the ability to create audio conferences. It allows staff to conference with more than 5 people on a given call.

Managed Voicemail and Transcription

Another added benefit is that staff can transcribe voicemails and send it on an email. Also has  the ability to receive voicemail as an email attachments. Softphones  also integrates with software you currently use such as Office 365 and Microsoft Outlook.

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