Importance of Software Updates and Patches

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Importance of Software Updates and Patches 

Lots of people delay software updates because it can take time and restarting is not always convenient. Not running software update in a timely manner, or at all, can be a big security risk since you are leaving your system exposed to known vulnerabilities that can be exploited to gain access to your system and sensitive data. 

An example of a costly breach that could have been easily avoided if the software had been updated on time, was the Equifax data breach. 143 million people were affected, and customers private information was exposed. The hackers found a vulnerability through a web application and used that opportunity to gain access to internal systems. The software update was available a few of months prior to the breach. Equifax delayed installing the updates leaving themselves open to this attack.  

Other than security fixes, software updates may also include updated features on applications, as well as improving software capabilities and performance. 

As much as we do not like clicking on that update button when we are in the middle of things it is important not to delay too much in order to avoid becoming a victim of a data breach.  

Here are Important Tips on Software Updates: 

  • Remember to run the updates as soon as possible to keep your systems safe. 
  • You can always run the update at the end of the day or schedule automatic updates for a convenient time after hours. Do not forget to leave your machine on so the updates can run. 
  • Be vigilant in downloading any software, Add-ons or browser extensions, make sure notifications are legit and not a fraudulent notice designed to trick you and steal your information.