Simplicit’s Executives interviewed by VMware VMworld

Solving IT Challenges in Non Profit Sectors and How

During the last week of August VMware held their largest US conference, VMworld. VMworld allows VMware and other vendors to showcase their developments for the IT world. The conference is filled with speeches from top manufacturers and developers talking about the future of IT, Virtualization, and Cloud Computing.

During the conference, Simplicit’s executives Niran Even Chen and Isaac Maimon were interviewed about VMware View, one of the top VDI technologies used today.

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“It is more viable then ever… we want to try to get people moved over to view… we have more to offer” said Isaac Maimon, Simplicit’s Director of IT. Isaac refers to the the terminal solutions being widely used today are not as viable and powerful as VMware View.

“VMware reinvented itself” said Niran Even Chen, Simplicit’s CTO. With new products now becoming available, the cloud is now growing with secure, enterprise-level solutions.

Watch the full video and see what others had to say about VMware View, and VMworld.

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