How to quickly close all open applications in Windows

It is the end of the day and you want to go home, yet you have all the programs you’ve used during the day open. For those of you who love movies, this reminds me of a scene in Office Space where Peter is trying to close his computer down for the day before his boss comes, but it just takes so long.

With a small application download, you can have your applications closed with 1 click.

Ntwind has their exclusive close all application. Installation is quick and easy.

    1. Download the zip file
    2. Store the folder in a useful location

    1. Create a shortcut onto your desktop.
    2. You can leave it at that, however we suggest creating a quicklaunch in your taskbar for the program by simply dragging the shortcut into the quicklaunch area.

    1. now you can quickly close all the applications before leaving for the day.

That is it, very simple and quick, and a great solution.

For more information check out ntwind directly here

If you are on an Apple Computer running Mac OSX, there is a similar option for you to quit all your applications.