How to quickly close all applications in Mac OSX

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Yesterday we posted a how-to article about closing all windows in 1 click. It had great feedback, so we decided that an option had to be out there for Mac OSX, as some of our users are running Mac laptops, etc.

There is a solution, just like the windows solution, a small program that needs to be installed and run. The program is called Quit All.

How to install Quit All and run

  1. Download the DMG file
  2. Run the DMG file like installing all other applications.
  3. Once the application is in your applications folder (or folder of your preference), run it. Don’t worry, it will not quit all right away.
  4. Right click on the icon in your dock, and highlight “options” and click on “keep in dock“
  5. Now you have quit all right on your dock for anytime you need it, I have kept it in my Mac’s dock for when I leave to go home, I find it useful when restarting from sleep as any programs that require more memory are now not running.

I have used this application myself a few times, and it does come in handy! Of course any unsaved documents / files will ask for you to save. I have also used this for those frustrating moments where my computer is acting laggy, and I just wish everything was closed so I can restart only the applications I need.

If you are looking for a Microsoft Windows alternative to this program, check out our post from yesterday on how to quit all applications in 1 click.