Merging Calendars

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Would you like to learn how to merge calendars in Microsoft Outlook 2003?

I have just done a complete re-install of Win XP Pro (SP2) on my system. I am using Microsoft Outlook 2003 & have opened the old outlook.pst file & brought [the items] in to the re-installed version of Microsoft Outlook.

All my contacts & e-mail came across OK – with a bit of moving. With regard to the calendars I ended up with 2 calendars (my old calendar & a new blank calendar). Is there an easy way of moving the items/appointments from the old calendar across to the new calendar to allow me to sync with PDA etc?

The solution when you need to merge two calendars into one: choose a table view (the By Category view works great for this because it includes all events and appointments), select all (Ctrl+A) and drag the items from one calendar to the other.