How to connect to the Internet

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Did you just get an iPhone 4 and want to connect to the internet? Here is a quick tip that can help you.

To connect to the internet on the iPhone 4 simply click “Safari”, then the wireless internet available will pop up. Then select your wireless connection. Note if your wireless connection has a password, you will be required to type it in. Once you have connected the the wireless internet you will not be required to retype in the password the next time you use that connection.

Alternatively you can also go to Settings, and choose Wi-Fi on the left. If your Wi-Fi is off make sure to slide it to “On”. You will be presented a list of with local Wi-Fi signals, choose your signal and input the password if needed. You will know you are connected when the check mark appears next to the Wi-Fi signal name.

this how to also applies to iPhone, iPhone 3, iPhone 3s, iPad, and iPod touch