Why Cyber Security Risk Assessment is Critical to your Business 

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Why Cyber Security Risk Assessment is Critical to your Business 


Can your firewall be penetrated? Are your servers and workstations protected, patched and up to date? Is your data safe from attack? Are your backups viable and encrypted? Are your users aware of the current cyber security threats posed to them daily? Are they paying close enough attention to not fall for social engineering scam? Is your Email safe? 

These and many more questions will be answered by a Cyber Security Risk Assessment. And let’s face it, if you don’t know the answers to these question in this day and age you are sticking you head in the sand. With reports showing that 2019 saw conservative estimated cost of 3.5 Billion to businesses (some reports as high as 9 Billion), 1.7 Billion of that attributed to email compromise and fraud, based on complaints filed to the FBI. Imagine adding was not reported. 

The Cyber Security Risk Assessment is your first step towards safeguarding your business. Plugging the leaks, as it were, of your information security and starting to take steps towards working safely in todays digital age. And make no mistake, today cyber criminals are organized and as efficient as a fortune 500 company complete with IT, Legal, and HR departments, goal oriented with high paying positions and bonus structures to compete for the most talented. Now you may have not been hit yet but trust that it is not a question of if but a question of when.  

So what can you do? 

Well the Cyber Security Risk Assessment will be what determines the road map moving forward but even now there are many things that you can implement, the “low hanging fruit” as it were: 

  • Use MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) everywhere you can – read more about MFA HERE 
  • Look into getting Cyber Insurance – read more about that HERE 
  • Make sure all your systems are patched and up to date – more on Software Updates HERE 
  • Make sure you have Endpoint Security deployed to all workstations  More on that HERE 
  • Sign up your users to Cyber Security Awareness Training  more on that HERE 
  • Make sure your backups are up to date and restorable – more on Backups HERE 
  • Sign up to and Identity protection/ Dark Web scanning service – More on those – HERE 

There are just some of the basics that you should get started on right away. Remember if it is for financial reasons, compliance reputation or piece of mind Cyber Security Risk Assessments is something you should be running regularly and better that than an incident report tell you how the breach occurred.  Click here, for a free cybersecurity assessment for your organization.